The Last Year Before the Teenager – A 365 Project


This past Sunday I started my second and final 12:365 project.  The project is about me taking a portrait of my daughter everyday from the day she turns 12 until the she becomes a teenager.

I did the same thing for my son when he was 12.  I didn’t get to do the entire 365 days for him because he was away on vacation or I was unable to because I wasn’t around that day.  I don’t think I’ll get all 365 days for Sophia either but I’ll sure as hell try.

Most images won’t show any technical mastery, composition skills or anything like that.  It will only tell a story.  A story of an artist, writer, volleyball player, a daughter.  I hope one day she’ll look back and show her kids and family how awesome she is even at 12 years old.


Marine One Flying Over Playa del Rey


President Obama flies over West Los Angeles in Marine One.  It’s pretty cool for me to see the POTUS and his crew do their thing right above me.


Beneath The Surface

Pectus excavatum-Reese-Mark-Andrade

Beneath The Surface sits a metal bar anchoring his sternum and ribs in place from Pectus excavatum.  In a few weeks it will be two years with the bar.  He’s now taller, stronger, faster, happier and healthier.

This photo was inspired by ludumdare theme “Beneath the surface” that I participated in.

The x-ray is a photo I took of his x-ray shown to us after surgery.  The main key light is a beauty dish set at 1/2 power elevated just above his head on angled down about 40 degrees.  Behind him is a speed light set at 3/4 power with a light blue gel.  Shot with my Canon 5DMKII with a 24-105 lens.  Camera was set at 1/100 sec at f/22, ISO 200.  It was processed with Nik Software and Photoshop CC.

Ryan Mendez Recording a Guitar Track for Southern Air

Ryan-Mendez-Playing Guitar-Mark-Andrade Going through my archives today I found an image of Ryan Mendez recording a guitar track in studio.  This is one of many photos I took of Yellowcard recording their album “Southern Air” at my friend Neal Avron‘s studio.  I don’t remember if I ever posted this one since it was taken a little over two years ago!  With the Detroit Red Wings in the playoffs I thought this would be an appropriate image to share with Yellowcard and Red Wings fans.

Sled Push on Asphalt

Trent Bender Pit Fitness pushing a sled in the road.Another crossfit portrait photo from my recent photography session with Trent Bender of Pit Fitness in Venice, Ca.


Reese’s Love of the Game

Reese-Andrade-Mark-Andrade-Love-the-Beautiful-GameYesterday Reese turned 15.  He’s been playing soccer now for 10 years and his love for the beautiful game has only grown more strong.  He’s transitioning into a young man with dreams of playing at a great college and hopefully the pros.  Happy Birthday Reese!  Proud of you!


Trent Bender Sled Pull

Trent Bender by Mark Andrade

Trent Bender of Pit Fitness by Mark Andrade

I’ve been focusing a lot on my software company Sputnik Games that I’ve having been giving my photography the attention that I want to give.  I’m changing changing that.  I’m kicking it off with some fitness photos and a couple of portraits in the next week.  To start, here is Trent of Pit Fitness pulling a lot of weight on a sled.

New portfolio site.

I’m finally getting around to making my site a portfolio site.  I hope to have it ready today or by tomorrow.