Retro Ad Photo Shoot

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This weekend I had a fun little photo shoot for my new game Amphibian Wars III with my son. I wanted to try and reproduce the ads from the early to mid 1980’s. I created two ads. This photo is a preview of the first retro ad.  This is not the final ad.  This is just a quick fun outtake from that final image.

I shot this in my garage with the door open.  It faces north/north west so I had some great ambient light pouring in.  For a reflector I used my white refrigerator!  It worked surprising well for what I needed.  I used  one speed light with a diffuser as another fill.  I’d move that around based on how I positioned the model. I had the model sit on a bucket for  most shots because he’s too tall and I wanted to get a good light bounce from the refrigerator reflector.



To get the light I wanted on my sons face I made a snoot out of black straws, cardboard and hot glue.  I covered it with gaffers tape to make it look better that the lame cardboard color.  The image above shows it on the floor but I had the model hold it between his knees.  It took a bit to get it positioned where I liked it.  I had a green gel over the flash to make it case the color I needed for the ad.



As far as editing I used Lightroom to catalog all the images and them photoshop for all of the editing.  I left some Photoshop artifacts in, like the black halo, because I though that added to the retro look.  This was the first time I used Alienskin.  I’ve been using Nik or OnOne’s and I’d though I give alienskin a try. Let me tell you, I really like Alienskin.

The game should be released soon on iOS and the web.  I’ll post more info at when it’s released.

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