The Last Year Before the Teenager – A 365 Project

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This past Sunday I started my second and final 12:365 project.  The project is about me taking a portrait of my daughter everyday from the day she turns 12 until the she becomes a teenager.

I did the same thing for my son when he was 12.  I didn’t get to do the entire 365 days for him because he was away on vacation or I was unable to because I wasn’t around that day.  I don’t think I’ll get all 365 days for Sophia either but I’ll sure as hell try.

Most images won’t show any technical mastery, composition skills or anything like that.  It will only tell a story.  A story of an artist, writer, volleyball player, a daughter.  I hope one day she’ll look back and show her kids and family how awesome she is even at 12 years old.


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