The Road to College Soccer

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It’s a chilly fall morning in Southern California.  The the sun starts to inch it’s way over the San Bernardo mountains and Reese is already at the pitch warming up. He’s getting ready to play the last club soccer game of the 2015 season.

His dedication and love for the sport is nothing short of amazing to me.  As I write this he’s upstairs in his room researching colleges.  He already has a couple in mind but we tell him he needs to find more that interests him.  He wants to play Division 1 college soccer.  It’s competitive but I believe he has the skills to get there but more importantly he has the determination.  He says he wants to practice sports medicine or possibly business.  Physical Therapist has been at the top of his list for some time.

Reese Andrade college search

Old episodes of Friends stream on Netflix while Mom sits with Reese instructing him on how to use a website to find colleges as he takes a break for lunch from doing homework.  It’s interesting to see him discover schools he’s never heard of before.  One of his first questions, “Do they have a decent soccer program?”

Reese Andrade reviewing soccer highlights for college

I recorded all his club games this year.  He’s about half way done with reviewing them all.  It’s his job to to pick out what he thinks should be highlights in his reel.  It takes a lot of time to review them.  It’s much more time than he imagined.  He now realizes it will take days.  We could hire a service and save time but I prefer to do it myself.  We need to save that dough for college.


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Listening to Decade In the Sun – The Best of Stereophonics (Deluxe Version) – Stereophonics .

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