Mark Andrade

About Mark Andrade

Hi I'm Mark.

This is my little corner of the internet where you can learn something about me, find things I'm working on, and scratch your head wondering why I do the things I do.😁

The Photographer

I'm a photography artist who creates monochrome pictures. I'm currently working on a new body of work that I hope to share soon. You can see my process and progress on this blog, Mastodon, Threads, Facebook, and of course Instagram.

The Developer

I've recently cut back work from independent game development but continue to work on building websites for myself and other artists.

From 2019 - 2022 I wrote and published games under the name Taara.Games for KaiOS.

From 2007 to about 2018, I was independently making games for iOS under the name Sputnik Games, Andrade Arts, and Mark Andrade. The games were originally written in C++ or Obj-C using the Cocos2D framework. Years later the games were ported to Swift and any new games were made with Swift and SpriteKit.

I've made games for Disney Internet Group where I was part of Disney Online's Daily Blast game team. It was fun being the Shockwave game developer as well as the rare game developer on a Mac at that time. I used to keep an Atari 2600, Nintendo 64, and an Apple IIe in my cube to play old games for inspiration.

After Disney I joined Mutation Labs and later 3D Groove where I made games for Nickelodeon, Disney, Warner Bros, Comedy Central, as well as other entertainment companies.

About this site

This site has been around for a long time. It was once a site selling my software for Macromedia Director Xtras, a blog, a personal link tree, a redirect to other sites I was building, and finally to what it is now.

Over time I'll be re-publishing posts that used to live on other blogs.

This site is currently built using Eleventy and published when synced with Github actions.


For any and all enquiries please feel free contact me directly at I'd love to hear from you.