Mark Andrade


Taara Games Updates

There was a problem with some of my games and KaiOS 2.5.0. These games would not load and were stuck on the logo. I had to guess a fix since I don’t have a 2.5.0 phone.

I was able to push a fix to Solitiare and it’s now live in the store. Thanks to V for letting me know.


Updated Klondike Solitaire for KaiOS 2 (v1.4.6) and 3 (v3.1.46).

Updated Video Poker to v1.8.3 for the same issue but I’m trying a different approach to fixing it. If this fix works I’ll have to update everything for KaiOS 2.5.x this week.

Goal and Other KaiOS Updates

Updated Goal for KaiOS this week. Added an aggregate leader board for fun. Instead of a player name you play as your favorite country and try and score goals for that nation. I included the countries in the Euro 2024 and Copa America 2024 as well as all the countries where KaiOS phones are available.

Good bye Google analytics. For Taara.Games I updated most of the games to use my custom event analytics. A few more games to implement the analytics in and I'll be done with the updates. I should get those done this week.

Now I just need to make a dashboard for the events.