Mark Andrade

A New Begining – A New Project

Since I stopped making games 7 months ago I just couldn’t stay away. It’s my creative outlet and something that I just have to admit to myself that I love doing.

So I examined what exactly it is that I like to make. I found that for me it goes back to the time I was at Disney where we made small fun little games.

So I’m going back to making those small, pick up and play, little or no instructions, qQuick development time, and quick to publish games.

Keep it simple.

Little Games. Big Fun! – That’s been the idea when I started Sputnik Games. It’s something I’m going back to.

I’ve been sitting one this one for a long time. Only last month became motivated. Could be that I’m taking meds to help with depression. Could be that I just can’t find work.

I don’t know. What I do know is that this website makes me happy. I hope it can make you happy to.

Go check it out..

Today my son turns 25 years old too. Seems like a great day to launch my new project.