Mark Andrade

astro clash covere tile. It says Astro clash blue on dark blue with the hero icon showing.


I got sucked into the whole Amico drama. It was very entertaining.

I’ve never been a big fan of original Intellivision. Although I do have a couple of those systems and a ton of boxed games. They were easy to come by in the 90s and crazy cheap.

However I am a big fan of Keith Robinson the people who made the games. Blue Sky Rangers. The original web site still exists but it’s now stained with Amico garbage.

I’m a sucker for the stories of the people behind the games and their process. Documentaries like Howard Scott Warshaw’s Once Upon Atari are my jam.

As a fan of old games. I thought I’d try and make my own re-imagined versions of some of the Intellivision title. At least one anyway.

Start off with an Intellivision classic.

Breakdown the mechanics. Make it even simpler.

One button. Shoot rocks. A bomb.

Then there is name of the game.

Saw this on Howard Scott Warshaw’s Once Upon Atari documentary. It’s just a list of titles for games the Atari marketing department wanted.

haha. Been there. asd

A screen grab of the list of game names old Atari marketing department wanted to publish; Rockfight, Buring Rubber, Deathray, Space Commander, Beat the Clock, Supernova, Armored Avenger, Maze Craze, Astroclash, and Baseball

The list of games are:

  1. Rockfight
  2. Buring Rubber
  3. Deathray
  4. Space Commander
  5. Beat the Clock
  6. Supernova
  7. Armored Avenger
  8. Maze Craze
  9. Astroclash
  10. Baseball