Mark Andrade

KaiOS Template Rebuilding

Had to rewrite the KaiOS template. Couple of Reasons. The GameMaker build is disappointingly larger than the Phaser builds and the latest GameMaker (2023.1.0.76) HTML5 build is broken. Although I’m not sure what version broke it since I haven’t used it for months. It just won’t work load in older versions of Firefox. So instead of waiting for a fix I just rebuilt it in Phaser.

I’m so happy I did.

It took better part of the day but it’s done. It was a quick turn around since I already had the framework. I just had to update the menu system with the new art and flow. Also took out a bunch of unused code that was there for KaiOS touch screen devices that never happened and optimized the rest. It’s 35% smaller. I’m very happy with it.

Now I have to get updates out.

This post was originally on Taara.Games website and was moved here for my simplicity.