Mark Andrade

Making Games In Swift again

Making Games for Apple Devices Again!

Found myself a nice refurbished MacBook Air M2 and I’m so Happy! This means I’m back at making games in Swift for iOS, iPadOS, and MacOS.


You can find me on Mastodon at All my game development twitter accounts have been deactivated or abandoned and I’ve moved here. I’m trying to find all the people I follow on twitter over on Mastodon but it’s proving to be kinda tough.

I also have another mastodon account where I’ll be posting things not related to game development. If you’re interested You can find that at


I’m also re-branding Taara.Games. First on my to do list is to re-brand all the KaiOS games with the new look and launch them one at a time on the KaiOS Store.

At the same time I’m working on the swift game template I started before I gave my last MacBook away.


I’m also in the process of reimagining almost all the games I launched as Sputnik Games when iOS was just a baby. Some games are over 10 years old! What’s interesting is that the games I wrote with a mix of C++ and Cocoa can compile and run with a little tweaking. The couple games I wrote with early versions of Swift are just dead. Swift has changed so much and those game will need a full port.

This post was originally on website and was moved here for my simplicity.