Mark Andrade

Photography and Game Development

For a long time now I’ve been struggling. What do I really want to work on creatively? Do I spend more time on photography, music, or programming? This has been going on for years! For too embarrassingly long actually. Programming has won out most all of the time because it’s the thing that brings in a paycheck. Unsteadily but it’s something none the less.

I’ve been playing with an idea of a puzzle game where I could incorporate creating photos, write music, AND code. It’s been on my mind for years and I’ve been thinking about it’s style and game-play for just as long.

It’s time for me to Just Do It™.

It’s because I have a MacBook once again I’ve been steadily chopping away at programming it. I talk about the geeky details on my game dev blog at Taara Games


I’ve been playing with different cameras for this project. They all have different different qualities and each are fun to use.

I’m testing two traditional cameras and an iPhone to start the first episode with. My Canon 5D MKII, Canon M5 and the iPhone 14 Pro with camera RAW.

Canon 5D MKII is for taking pictures locally where I can drive to a location. The M5 is for walking around and when traveling out of state since’s it’s more compact. If these games are successful I’ll probably invest in a newer compact Canon full frame and just stick to that.

I’m also considering using the iPhone 14 Pro as the main camera for this project. It’s always with me, has a 50 megapixel sensor, and shoot RAW. It’s only because it shoots RAW it has become a option.

It will be interesting to see the results of the processed images side by side. I’ll be posting posting processed comparisons here.

This post was originally on website and was moved here for my simplicity.