Mark Andrade
CD cover art of Zeldia's Adventure

My first ever video game job was working for a company called Viridis. They made CD-i games. I mainly worked as a production assistant on a few titles.

My first ever title was "The Best of Draw 50 with Lee Ames". Lee J Ames was an American artist known for his Draw 50 books. I was a production assistant on that. I helped with some of the sketch step-by-steps with a tool that Randy Casey wrote. I also wrote some theme music for a couple of images.

A scan of the CDi title 'Draw 50' signed by Lee Ames
A scan of the CDi title "Draw 50" signed by Lee Ames himself

One strange game was called Food Dude. I started at Viridis in the middle of the project or maybe at the end. All I can remember about that game is that it was weird. Nintendo Player as an article that talks about it a little.

Another title was a Ripley's Believe It Or Not! board game or something to that extent. I don't think that title got very far. I worked on recording and editing hundreds of lines of voice over audio and wrote the theme music. Never saw anything else from it.

Zelda's Adventure was the first game that I worked on from the beginning. Unfortunately myself and many others never saw the end as many of us were let go.

A scan of from a page in Electronic Games Magazine talking about the worst games ever which is a three-way tie between Link: The Faces of Evil, Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and Zelda's Adventure
A scan of from a page in Electronic Games Magazine talking about the worst games ever. That's a picture of me at the top right as Gaspra in a cut scene

Some details that I can remember are on my Zelda's Adventure story blog post.